Alternative Medicine

A month or two under a year ago, I was required along with the rest of my social class to do research on the political parties running in the 2012 Alberta General Election. They have since removed their platform for that election from their website, but on it the Progressive Conservative Party pledged up to five hundred dollars in tax credits to every Albertan for money spent on alternative medicine.



A couple of months ago, I read an article online. Recently, I thought back to it. It differentiated between two different types of opinions. The first regarded things like ice cream flavours. The article suggested that opinions on flavours of ice cream cannot be wrong. That is false.


Atheism and Crime

A common argument by theists is that atheists, because they lack a thousands-year-old book with rules, are violent. This is both untrue and, in fact, the reverse.


Israel and Palestine

In light of the recent escalation of tensions between Israel and Palestine, I felt it necessary to show that Palestine is not some sort of evil terrorist pseudo-state.



Nearly 80% of American Adults now believe in divine miracles, up from 70% just two decades ago.